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Just Giorge is a talented female DJ who specializes in House and Tech House. She is renowned in her local area for her exceptional vocal abilities. Just Giorge is not only a DJ but also the founder of “Women In Tune,” a new brand that empowers female creatives in music.

She also hosts a club night named “She Bangs The Beats,” which features an all-female DJ line-up. Just Giorge is a true inspiration to female creatives in the music industry.

Just Giorge

Sure Sounds Radio - Just Giorge

Nora En Pure

Sure Sounds Radio - Nora En Pure

Every Wednesday 3 pm – 4pm UK, we welcome the queen of Deep House!

Graham Gold is one of the true UK Dance music superstars. Best known for his Friday night Kiss 100 FM show throughout the 90s  Graham is also co-owner/Promoter of Legendary club nights Peach & Club UK as well as records labels Koolworld, Peach, Good:as and Relative.

Dj’ing since the 70s Graham is well established as one of the world’s leading House & Techno DJ’s and is still dedicated to breaking the best new music out there.  SSR are proud to host his weekly ELM show providing you with the finest upfront Progressive House & Melodic Techno.

Graham Gold

Sure Sounds Radio - Graham Gold


Sure Souns Radio - Pianoman

James Sammon established his name and Pianoman brand during the early nineties House Music boom, where he self-released a series of white labels under the alias of PCP. One of the tracks called “Whitney Tune” taken from Volume Two became an instant club anthem. Sammon began to run his own label called Piano Choons via legendary UK/Italian House label Disco Magic UK. Over a period of two years tracks were produced and released, which are now anthems on what is called these days the Old School scene.

In 1994 James produced and pressed up 300 copies of a bootleg track he made that he called “Blurred”, on account of it containing a sample of Damon Albarn from the indie group Blur, by this time using the name Pianoman.

The track “Blurred” was an overnight success and sold the first 300 units in less than twenty minutes after it was played on Kiss FM by Graham Gold and BBC 1 by John Peel and Pete Tong. Two years later the track was released on 3 Beat records via London/FFRR and went straight into the UK chart top ten at number 6, staying in the chart for a full four weeks.

Appearances on Top Of The Pops and MTV followed, as well as featuring on the Radio One roadshow and the Smash Hits roadshow tour. In all Blurred sold 480,000 copies in the UK alone. Check out Pianoman on Sure Sounds spinning all the piano hits!

Way back in the 80’s after listening to dance music pioneers Chad Jackson and Stu Allen on Piccadilly Radio, James “Antix” McGlashan started his DJ journey with a pair of belt driven turntables, a Tandy mixer and a selection of early piano anthems, techno, hard core, melodic breakbeat, and damn good house.

One of the original resident New Dawn DJ’s, he was a fixture at venues including Coca Savannah in Stockport, The Rockworld all-nighters, The Limit and The Gallery. During this time he had the honour of playing alongside some of the most renowned DJ’s of the era. He has also appeared for Amnesia House, Fantazia, and RetroTrax.

On a Sunday night he was part of the team that took over the Signal Radio network, broadcasting the legendary New Dawn Meeting of the Minds radio show across the Potteries and beyond!

Still very much into the music, but slightly off the beaten track, he regularly plays local nights with a blend of old and new. Anything from early Electro, Hip hop, Soul to modern Funk and house. See what’s in the melting pot when you catch up with Antix on Sure Sound Radio.

James Antix

Sure Sounds Radio - James Antix


Sure Sounds Radio - CJ

In 1989 CJ started buying records from ‘Hit n Run Records’ in Walthamstow. There he met with some early pioneers of the dance music scene – Chris Energy, Break The Limits (Bay B Kane), Rob Elliot and Satin Storm who inspired him to become a DJ.

After a few years of being a bedroom DJ a chance meeting with Transit at the Astoria in 1992, and with 3 other DJs they started the second coming of ‘Impact 88.2FM’ playing Hardcore. This is where CJ found his home on the pirate radio circuit.

In late 1993 CJ left Impact and tried to find a new direction in music He put Hardcore to one side and took on the new sound of Garage that was just emerging in London, with one of the DJs that played on Impact – they started ‘Juice FM’ where for a very short time CJ played the Garage sound.

After a year out CJ’s music style changed once again and he found himself playing House on ‘Pulse FM’ until one of London’s most loved stations stopped transmitting.
Sometime in 1995 on a night out CJ heard Jeff Mills for the first time, he had found the music he truly loved ‘The Sound of Detroit’.

Although playing Techno in 2006, CJ with DJs he had met from the pirate scene started ‘Extreme Sounds’ a record label under which he released a few tracks under the name of C James. Over the last few years CJ has been regularly playing out the sound of Techno, Electro and Breaks over various internet radio stations.

DJ ThaMan once started DJing at parties as DJ Lennox. Soon he discovered the New Beat and Chicago House somewhere in the eighties. from then on it went at a fast pace with DJing at the larger house parties in Belgium where he shared the stage with Franky Jones, Yves Deruyter, Zzino, G-Force, among others.

Somewhere in the late 90s he gave up the nightlife and that’s how he emerged as an internet DJ with stations like Dancity, Renegade Radio and for 12 years as a Resident Techno DJ on Di.FM where he was programmed between Dave Clarke and Chris Liebing.

On Sure Sounds Radio he will please you every month with a real “Back To The 80’s” DJ Set. Get out your Rubik’s Cube and your Sunglasses and let yourself be catapulted back to the Eighties.

DJ ThaMan

Sure Sounds Radio - Dj ThaMan

Scott Hallam

Sure Sounds Radio - Scott Hallam

Scott Hallam started DJing in 1989 in and around clubs in Manchester. Heavily influenced by the Acid House scene along with the emerging styles from Belgium, Detroit, and Germany.

Scott was resident at a night called Evolution at the Music Box in Manchester between 2005 and 2008 playing Hacienda Classics.

In addition to DJing, he is also a producer of Acid, Techno, House, Dub, Electro, & Chill Out, has released music on vinyl and CD for labels, Axia, The North Remembers, Reflections Of Yesterday, Cartulis Music, and digitally on Epoque Music & Sub-Urban Undertones Recordings.

He currently runs the online store Aficionado Vinyl.
Expect the unexpected as he combines old and new music and has a mantra of “anything goes as long as it’s good” on Sure Sounds Radio

Emma M has a true undeniable passion for music of all genres across the decades which she believes is art and in her own words ‘give me a beat and I’ll do the rest!’.

After taking a break from hosting dance fitness classes and pursuing singing coaching, she is excited for the next step of this musical journey called life and to share her passion for music by bringing SSR listeners the absolute best and forgotten gems of soul and R&B right through the decades. Get tuned!

Emma M

Sure Sounds Radio - Emma M

Steve RH

Sure Sounds Radio - Steve RH

DJ’ing since 1989, Steve became the resident DJ at 15 years old in the only place in town every Friday/Saturday night playing anything from 70s Disco, 80s, chart to the newest House and Acid House sounds at the Commercial in St. Just, Cornwall.

He moved back to London in 1990 and began playing on London’s Dance music pirate radio scene throughout the 90s and into the 2000’s. Playing on stations Desire FM, Smoove 104 FM, Eruption FM, Kool FM and Shakedown FM amongst others as well as playing at many clubs, Raves and parties.

A move up North in 2002 found him playing on 102.8 Chorley FM before moving to online stations such as Housefreaks, Fantasy FM and Funkymonkey.

Steve RH has also released music over the years since the 90s making various styles of House, Trance and Hardcore also releasing an anthem under his belt that has topped dance music charts alongside fellow station dj Daz P.

Recently joining Sure Sounds Radio, Steve is dedicated to bringing you the sounds of 80s & 90s House & Techno along with the old-school Rave sounds of the era.

Daz-p is a well-established DJ around the north west of England. At the age of 39 Daz has had more than a few dance floors jumping throughout his career since the young age of 16. He started his path of music when he was just 14 and stumbled upon the wheels of steel at a friend’s house.

Hooked and wanting to learn he soon has he’s own turntables and never looked back. At the age of 16 Daz was mixing funky house at a place called Harry’s bar in the northwest of England, from there he went on to host events and play events as well as having regular radio slots.

Daz’s style of music is vast’ playing anything from the early 90’s right up to today’s modern house. If we had to put Daz into a folder it would be labelled Trance & House mashups.

Daz-p isn’t a man of many words’ so let his mixing do the talking.

Daz P

Sure Sounds Radio - Darren Williams

Chris Biskit

Sure Sounds Radio - Chris Biskit

Collecting records & spinning the black wax since the 80’s, Chris has been part of the music scene in one way or another for a long time. An avid Italo House & Disco fan, with a little bit of Techno thrown in there. A serious vinyl junkie!

Through the 90’s & up until this present day, Biskit was, and still is renowned for his passion for the House sound of Italy & his vast knowledge of the sound. He is the creator of the group – Italo House Aficionados.

Since the 90’s Biskit has been found playing at numerous events & establishments, entertaining people with either the Old School House & Techno sound, or the Funky Disco Beats. At one time in Chris’ life, he presented & played as a weekly FM Radio DJ at 102.8 Chorley FM, presenting several different shows over the years, alongside his partner in crime Monsieur Steve RH.

Still obsessed with music and records, Biskit can either be found deep in a pile of wax, or rotating the black matter on a platter to anybody who still enjoys dancing to proper music! Check Biskit out on Sure Sounds Radio spinning House and Disco and regularly telling people to “Stay Frosty!”

DJ Syd hailing from Chorley started mixing when he was just 15 learning to play on vinyl mixing trance, bounce , hardcore & old-school.

Over the years he has played alongside the likes of Hardcore Legend DJ Sy whilst hosting a weekly Hardcore radio show on 102.8 Chorley FM for over 2 years before moving on to playing mixture of music for the next 3 years in around his home town of Chorley doing various DJ gigs from charity events to Halloween and birthday bashes.

Now massively into new house music catch Syd every Monday afternoon serving you the best in brand new house, trance, garage, and Spanish imports plus a few surprises along the way here on SSR.

DJ Syd

Sure Sounds Radio - DJ Syd

Danni D

Sure Sounds Radio - Danni D

New in the game, fresh talent to the scene Danni D has been DJing since 2021 and already holds a residency every weekend at a local venue in her home town where she can be found playing everything from 60s to today’s cheesy charts.

Although new to the scene she has picked up the right kind of attitude and knows what to play and when to play it by reading her crowd.

Catch Danni from midday every Friday as she spins your favourite 80s chart and Dancefloor classics.

Catch Luke and the Electric Acid Test every Tuesday 6-8pm, where he’ll be spinning up freshly pressed vinyl, taking you on a journey underground, playing all things deep with plenty of acid!!!

In the late 90’s, inspired by his love of acid house, hardcore, and jungle, Luke decided to buy himself a pair of belt driven turntables and a cheap mixer. Showing real natural ability for the art of mixing vinyl, he quickly gained a name for himself in his local area of Camden and for the next 8 years DJ’s in a variety of pubs, bars and small clubs around London, collecting a treasure trove of vinyl along the way!!

Around 2006, he discovered a new sound in the way of Minimal Tech and instantly fell in love with it. At the time, London’s underground scene was thriving and he became a regular face at some of the big nights, which created new opportunities.

The years that followed, Luke DJ’s at some of London’s biggest venues, Kokos, Egg, SE1, Shepherds Bush Empire, The Den, to name a few and in a mixture of clubs/bars in and around Shoreditch, whilst also hosting regular shows on various radio stations including Passion Fm, S-Dance and Loco London.

Over 25 years behind the decks, Luke is still addicted to buying vinyl and has a well-established collection. His style of music today is heavily influenced by his original love of acid house!!

Coolhand Luke

Sure Sounds Radio - Coolhand Luke

DJ Stix

Sure Sounds Radio - DJ Stix

Southwest UK legend DJ Stix is a name well known to all ravers of the region from Bristol to Cornwall.

A true Rave icon with super tight mixing skills and a legend of the South West Techno & Hardcore scene Stix comes to Sure Sounds Radio for the last Saturday of each month a show bit to be missed.

Disco, funk and soul music found Steve at a young age in the early eighties.  A close friend introduced him to electro and jazz funk which opened Steve’s eyes and ears to beats and bass.  This turned into a love of house music after hearing Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle monster “Your Love” in the late eighties.  A pair of belt drive turntables soon followed to emulate his new heroes Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Tony Humphries and Ron Hardy.

Steve traded in the belt drives for 1210’s in the early nineties and so began his DJing, playing house parties to pubs and then into the clubs around Manchester throughout the nineties. A short spell as an owner/promoter and DJ of “Hot House Promotions”  taught him a valuable lesson to stick to the fun side of DJing.  His love of music and DJing took him to Malta, Tenerife and Australia.

Steve moved to Australia in 1998 and continued DJing and being involved with all thing’s music.  His taste in music was eclectic to say the least, with a deep rooted love of melody coming from early influences of disco and soul, Steve always made sure there was piano, vocals and strings, never far away in any of his sets and shows.

Steve loves nothing more than to play across genres of disco, funk, soul, and house, guesting on local radio shows and most recently playing for the legendary Fantasy FM London. Join Steve as he plays both upfront and across the decades of disco, funk, soulful and house music.

Steve Ball

Sure Sounds Radio - Steve Ball

Bobby Ganoush

Sure Sounds Radio - Bobby Ganoush

Another legendary name Bobby Gonoush aka Ian Williams ‘The Funkmeister’ joins SSR to bring the the finest Balearic beats and Nu Disco every Saturday 6pm-8pm.

D-Manic has been involved with music as a DJ for 38 years. From his roots in Funk, Rare groove & Electro to his current genres of Trance, House and all things clubland.

Learning to mix at the age of 11 led to a lifetime of adventures in music, from playing at clubs in the Algarve (Portugal) to residencies and bookings all over the UK.

Although he was making music in the late 90’s on the PlayStation for fun it wasn’t until 2016 that he decided to get serious about it when he was signed by his brothers Indy label Art Recordings. His track “Devil’s Gambit” was remixed by his brother Carl Nicholson. Carl was already a legend in the Hard Trance scene and well established so it was the exposure that D-Manic needed.

Since 2016 D-Manic has had releases on Art Recordings, SFR, DeepDownDirty, Emmanating records, 212 records and most recently on Boomtic records. His music releases, much like his DJing portfolio are a mix of genres. House, Trance, Breakbeat Hardcore, Liquid D&B, & Techno. He even released music under his real name (Dean Nicholson).

The back end of 20165 saw D-Manic get involved with Radio Presenting, from pure pirate FM to what is now more common on the internet as well as honing his presenting skills on a well-known Community licensed FM station. In order of presenting:

TF Live, Fantasy FM, RUAR Radio, Lazer FM, Mashup Radio, UKBass Radio, Divine Radio London, Unity DAB (Guest show), Funky SX 103.7 FM.

He recently created a new Trance event called Seraphim alongside his friend Marc Ansell and established brand Amped Global DJ’s. The first event was a Massive success and 2023 will see more events happening. Firstly He’s joining old friends at newly established Radio Station SSR…

Sandcastle Radio sees him spread his wings and share his love of music with his brothers and sisters in the USA. Hold on tight for the ride of your lives!

Like his music tastes, D-Manic mixes it up on both Vinyl and digital. A music lover and Vinyl collector means his shows are always different.


Sure Sounds Radio - D-Manic

Dicky Dread

Sure Sounds Radio - Dicky Dread

Born and raised a country lad, Dicky Dread put on his first party (not called raves in those days) around 1984, and was DJ’ing reggae vibes from then until the early 90s.

He is a lifelong anarchist, was squatting and a traveller from 1986 to 1990. Dicky then had around 25 years off DJ’ing to raise 2 boys (he’s a grandad now) and become a Professor of Engineering.

He started DJ’ing again when he came across the ‘FOD Crew’ at the beginning of the first lockdown and has not looked back. He now lives off-grid, regularly puts on wee parties (with ‘Cuckoo Crew’), is resident for FOD and plays at festivals of the crustier variety.
Dicky plays a range of genres including Acid Techno, Reggae, Ska and Punk.

Al Began DJing in 1991 after visiting the Hacienda in his hometown of Manchester and becoming a regular on the dancefloor there, along with regular trips to nights such as Leads’ Back to Basics, Nottingham’s The Bomb, Liverpool’s Cream and many more.

From playing house parties around his hometown of Manchester in the 1990s, Al is now a regular feature around the UK, as well as hosting 3am Recordings label parties around Europe & the USA, including gigs in Chicago, Barcelona, Paris, Cologne, Milwaukee & Berlin.

In 2007 Al moved into production and has since gone on to produce over 200 tracks and remixes for labels worldwide, gaining support from established DJs and radio shows worldwide.

With a 3am Recordings residency monthly at the highly regarded 212 in Leeds, the progress of Al and his 3am Recordings label has been consistently built on quality through experience, patience, and a continued desire to be immersed in the culture which has given so much to him over the years, and which continues to do so. Catch Al the first Monday of every month on Sure Sounds Radio

Al Bradley

Sure Sounds Radio - Al Bradley

DJ John H

Sure Sounds Radio - John H

DJ John H started playing Hardstyle, Techno and Acid after being heavily influenced by the clubs he frequented in the early 2000s.

Since then John has played at many festivals and clubs around the UK as well as a 10 year radio show on Chorley FM where he was one of the first to champion the Hardstyle sound on the radio. Catch John H late night on Sure Sounds Radio.

The Transcender made his name as the resident DJ at the infamous One Louder parties that rocked London techno throughout the 90’s. Playing deep hypnotic beats that build and build, he also regularly played at clubs like Heaven, The Fridge and Ministry of Sound as well as being a firm fixture on the underground party scene and hosting a regular show on Point Blank FM.

After moving to Spain in 2001 he became known as El Tel reaching a new audience to much acclaim and playing all over Spain and Portugal. Now back in his native London mixing his own 100% vinyl, unique style of deep transcending techno he continues to show why a journey with El Tel is one to remember.

He also became a founder member of Wealdstone Techno Collective who have been organising Techno parties all over North West London since 2018. Now he has discovered Digital and taken things to the next level. Then in 2022 he started Esoteric at Union Club in Vauxhall with Matthieu F of Planet Underground where they are successfully bringing a new sound to the London Underground a Deeper Hypnotic Journey through Techno.

Also a founder member of studio 54 in Quality Street where production of quality music will start taking off in 2023. Watch out for El Tel, AKA The Transcender.

El Tel AKA 'The Transcender'

Sure Sounds Radio - The Transcender

Ray Flex

Sure Sounds Radio - Ray Flex

Ray Flex started behind the turntables on French radio station ‘Decibels’ back in 1988, at the age of 13. He then mixed and hosted parties of up to 5000 people, until 1995, when he joined the club world. He has been DJ’ing for 5 years in many clubs all over France (Paris, Besancon, Poitiers, Nantes, etc…).

In 2000, he decided to stop to devote himself to other activities. It was in 2019 that he went back to the turntables for a French radio (Radio Lib’) that had just been created, to help them get started… and also because he had bet that this radio would not see the light of day : believing in a joke of the future boss of Radio Lib’, he said if the radio went on, he’d come and DJ on it. The radio was born, history was on the way! Due to the success of “Rayxtravadance” (the live radio show created on this occasion), he was approached by other radios and played for WFM, Adofun, RCU (French radios) but also for UB5 and Fantasy FM (English radios).

Ray Flex is here every Monday to immerse you in the heart of his musical universe, based on the great era of disco/funk clubs freshly sounding good house music, during two hours of total musical frenzy live from France. As he likes to say, ‘he doesn’t speak very well English, but he DJ’s pretty good’!

David Dunne has been a constant figure in the ever-evolving dance music scene and culture since 1988. He has been described and applauded as “the DJ’s DJ” (Manchester Evening News), “A true pioneer and champion of house music” & “If there’s been a radio station and a pair of decks, he’s been there” (DJ Magazine), “A  DJ with no ego and plenty to talk about”(The Big Issue),  “A man with a gold star in rocking crowds” (Trust The, “A Guaranteed crowd pleaser”(BBM Magazine) and “the most deserving DJ to cross over to the premier league” (BBC Radio One). His DJ career spans 30 years behind the decks, promoting nights, remixing, producing and of course, breaking and supporting dance music on Radio.

Radio, DJ-ing and Dance Music became the constants of his career, eventually taking him in 1994, to becoming a founder Staff member of Kiss 102 & 105 in Manchester and Yorkshire whereas Head of Music & Senior Presenter, he was able to break new club records on air and at his gigs. He then continued to present on Galaxy radio, consolidating his profile in the North of England as one of the most familiar and best loved DJs. In late 1998, he consolidated his DJ work over the past decade by leaving Galaxy Radio to join National station Atlantic 252, not just as a Dance jock, but as Programme Director, giving Lottie, Eddy Temple Morris, and DJ Touché their first Radio experiences. Following that, he left to join Ministry of Sound as Managing Director of Radio, setting up their Digital Radio station in London, creating their Online internet radio service and helping to make it the most successful dance site in Europe. He subsequently worked for legendary radio production house Wise Buddah and for Trust the

His club appearances as a DJ read like a “Who’s Who” of more than two and a half decades of Clubbing; Ministry of Sound, Cocoon, Cream, Subterranea, Gatecrasher, The End, Turnmills, Dave Haslam’s legendary Manchester nights Freedom and Yellow, Hanover Grand, Retro, Love 2 B, the Arches, Renaissance, Angels, Miss Moneypenny’s, The Honey Club, Fantazia, plus festival appearances at Creamfields, Global Gathering, Hi-Fi, Wickerman, V Festival and B-Live.

He played at his beloved Hacienda over 30 times and was a resident at the clubs’ sister venue “Dry” for five years. He featured 8 times on MTV’s Dancefloor Chart Tour across the UK & Ireland. From 2002 to 2003 he held residencies in London at his own “Northern Scum” and “DJ Deathmatch” nights.

In his hometown of Manchester, he regularly played at every major club and venue during the heydays of House, including The Hacienda, Paradise Factory, The Boardwalk, Manto, Essential, Venus, Sankey’s, and Home.

In 1999 he was named by Musik Magazine as one of the 50 most powerful people in Dance Music, has been in Mixmag, DJ, BBM, IDJ, The Big Issue and plenty of local and national press. He also reviewed records for DMC Update magazine. David has featured in several books including Dave Haslam’s “Manchester, England,” “Adventures On The Wheels of Steel” and “Sonic Youth Slept On My Floor” and in veteran writer Simon Morrison’s tales from clubland anthology, “Discombobulated”.

David Dunne

Sure Sounds Radio - David Dunne

Geri Irie

Sure Sounds Radio - Geri Irie

Recently new to selecting outside of her home aka Reggae Shack HQ in Glasgow, an avid lover and supporter of Reggae and Sound System culture in Glasgow and beyond for over a decade.

Geri recently started to play her vinyl collection  in various bars in Glasgow, The Old Toll Bar, McChuills,  The Rumshack in 2022  also on Hometown Promotion, Decades of Dub and Mungos Hi fi Soundsystems.

Geri can always be found at a dance skanking n smiling inna dance or on the other side of the decks  sharing the irie  vibes through her selections.

Expect to hear her range from Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady, Rub a Dub, Roots and Dub.

“Music is my daily medication, a sweet meditation lifting me up to a higher vibration”

Relatively new to the scene, DJ Mini Mole has been mixing Vinyl since 2018 and has already shown that she has a great range & knowledge of the music that she loves and is passionate about. Predominately breaking through into the Old School Hardcore scene, she has built up a following since appearing on Facebook live & for various different radio stations and groups. Now playing a range of Old School, House and Drum & Bass, she will be bringing a mixed variety on her bi-weekly Sunday morning show!

DJ Mini Mole is a true raver at heart and is never far from a dancefloor, getting inspiration for her next set!  She has also played out at events such as Wax On and Vinyl Destination and has hopes to play at many more events to come.

DJ MiniMole

Sure Sounds Radio - DJ Mini Mole

DJ Clumsy

Sure Sounds Radio - DJ Clumsy

Best known for running his own Sound, Preston Madhatters Sound System, which has been on the underground music scene for decades. Clumsy with his wife Lettie have helped the Madhatters to throw parties all over the country including some of the biggest raves this side of the Pennines.

Clumsy has held and still holds residencies for some huge nights including, The Hatters, Gash, Illuminaughty, Megadog, Remedy and festivals such as Beatherder, where he has played with his Stumblefunk family for the last 15 years and the Shires Church on the Main Street. The Preston Madhatters Sound System also manages and runs a takeover of the Magical Sounds Dance Arena at the Bearded Theory Music Festival in Derbyshire every May, bringing a taste of jungle and DnB to the masses for a whole afternoon.

Guests that have played alongside Clumsy and the Madhatters include Aries, Kelvin 373, Phibes and Dope Ammo. This year Clumsy welcomes to our takeover at Bearded, Selecta J Man, MikkiM and Specimen A. His aim with this radio show is to take you on a journey through his tunes, guests, and stories. Hopefully, he can play genre’s that have formed his musical tastes over the years. He will cover the years and decades that may show the passage of time through tunes. Sunday evenings are boring so let us make it boring but with some good tunage and some banging bass lines thrown in too.

DJ & producer based in the northwest of England (Preston), known for energetic ‘Drum & Bass/Jungle’ performances & electric vibe.

Owner of the established event night ‘Spin City,’ which has been running since early 2016, bringing in a number of top artists to perform in their hometown (Preston) and continue to contribute to the ever-growing Northwest electronic music scene. By pushing his passion through event nights, Kemikz now has long lasting connections with multiple sound systems & promoters with forthcoming collaborations in the pipeline.

Kemikz has been and continues to be involved with the underground ‘Free Party Scene’ either directly organising or playing at parties such as ‘Twisted City’ ‘Nocturnal Notion’ & ‘Aztek’ – Past events include ‘Bomb-Factory rave, abandoned mill & NN in the forest. The ‘free party scene’ contributes to the scene’s community culture and through these parties Kemikz has been able to push his sounds and broaden his network.

Music production has played a big part in developing his sound – Kemikz has been producing from an early age and has had releases on record labels such as – Ring the Alarm & Sub:Cult. You will hear Kemikz productions in most sets he regularly plays out.


Sure Sounds Radio - Kemikz

DJ S-Sine

Sure Sounds Radio - DJ S-Sine

Since 1988, Stuart, aka DJ S-Sine, has been lilting and playing dance music. DJ S-Sine knew this was for him when a friend played him a mix tape in 1990. Since then, he has played a wide range of house music styles, from soulful to hard beats and bass; if it is good and he likes it, he will play it.

DJ S-Sine has evolved from his love of music to playing online via some Internet stations, where he enjoys showcasing new and previously unknown music and artists. This is why his show is titled “A Journey of a Thousand Beats,” as he allows music to guide him on a sonic adventure.

Starting life on the Bboy scene almost 40 years ago with the original Electro sounds, Weekend Vandals went on to hold residencies in 5 countries and playing out across Europe. After leaving the UK decades ago, at some of the biggest venues and underground squat partie whilst regularly on the air waves, Dj’ing is just a small part of his involvement in the electronic scene over that time. From promoter to manager to journalist. You can access his Bleep coloumn on Iconic Unerground Magazines pages. Always at the forefront of cutting edged electronic music and no signs of taking a backwards step.

Jeff Dobson aka Weekend Vandals

Sure Sounds Radio - Jeff Dobson


Sure Sounds Radio - Chicane

SSR are proud to host Chicane’s weekly Sun:Sets radio show.

Trance legend Chicane became a global name in dance music back in the 90s with hits such as ‘Offshore’, ‘Strong in Love’ and ‘Saltwater’ but had already established himself as Disco Citizens previous to this.

Sun:Sets sees Chicane take you on a musical journey from chilled laid-back vibes to Dancefloor hits a perfect way to end your weekend here on Sure Sounds Radio.

Music has been my hidden escape from reality from a young age and only in my later teen years found the easy escape after attending my first free parties with Taikosound and falling in love with the vibes, the music and the people.

For my 17’th birthday I asked for a set of Technics 1210’s instead of car and decided to learn the art of being a vinyl DJ master myself and have a go at playing in front of my first crowd at ben lawlers dam with some banging old school London acid Techno.

I’m hooked for life and play regularly at venues all across Scotland and the highlands spreading the sound of Acid Techno.

Thomas Harris / Taikospawn

Sure Sounds Radio - Taikospawn

Glenn Woods

Sure Sounds Radio - DJ Woody

Starting out as a Reggae DJ back in 1987 playing on local sound systems Glenn AKA DJ Woody moved into the exploding Acid House scene in 88 going on to play at most of London’s major venues and events and big nights across the UK throughout the 90s including Ministry Of Sound, Camden Palace, Godskitchen, Amnesia House, Garage Nation, Suncity, Sterns, Lovebug, Ultra Vegas and many more!

Glenn has worked in record shops since 86 which helped him to gain a huge record collection and apart from clubs, Glenn has played on numerous dance radio stations overs the years including Frequency, Déjà vu, Groove FM and Fantasy FM also hosting his popular Room2 sessions.

Specialising in 88-91 old-school and early 90’s U.S House & garage with the occasional dash of Reggae catch Woody here on Sure Sounds Radio for an authentic trip back to the 80’s and 90’s to upfront Underground House Music.

Crystal Waters is one of the original House music Divas and of course best known for the global smash hit ‘Gypsy Woman, La Da Dee’ in 1991 and ‘100% Pure Love’ she also worked with Alex Gaudino on the track ‘Destination Unknown’ in 2006 and has 4 albums to her name and numerous music awards.

Catch Crystal here on Sure Sounds radio with her selection of the hottest House tracks around every second Tuesday of the month from 10pm.

Crystal Waters

Sure Sounds Radio - Crystal Waters

DJ Mylesie

Sure Sounds Radio - DJ Mylesie

DJ Mylsie got his 1st pair of decks in 2001 and has always had a passion for electronic music from an early age.

He started collecting vinyl and playing dnb but has since evolved to a more eclectic style which includes Breaks, Bass, Tech, Trance, Techno, Acid 🙂

He has played at various free parties on the south coast and has guested on some radio shows throughout the years.

This will be his debut radio show where he will show his unique music collection and style ranging through many different genres.

I’ve been a house music head since the early 1990’s and inspired initially by the early days of Kiss FM that I used to catch on the radio from my Grandmothers flat in Battersea.

Since 2012 I have been spinning my influences and experiences from Tribal UK right through to Restless Soul and Tresor over the internet so that I can share my history.

You may have caught me on Genesis, Real house radio, House FM and many more under the pseudonym ‘Balearic Astronaut’ and I hope to continue that here on Sure Sounds Radio.

Mark Aust

Sure Sounds Radio - Dave Aust

DJ Slim

Sure Sounds Radio - DJ Slim

Been dj’ing since late 89 playing rave \ hardcore mainly playing in the south east played out loads never got paid much but done it for my love of the music, brought out a few vinyl’s back in 94-95 on H&S records which I set up with my best mate and DJ partner DJ hookey, where all our tunes got there first played by Nicky BM at the legendry Labyrinth, GREAT DAYZ!

Stopped playing hardcore in 97 and went on the garage scene where I was playing out every weekend all over southeast London with my good friend and DJ partner now turned producer Mr BFresh. Ended up running my own club nights every Sunday in Bexleyheath at the Frontier Post, keeping me busy.

Left the southeast of London in 2003 and now live in Lanzarote, in Canary islands, holiday central. Also one half of the duo Liquid Rollers with scotty doog, both of us are producers and DJ’s bringing back the old school rave piano breaks.

“Whipping together a mesmerising flow of freestyle bass, frequency-driven abstractions, penetrating rhythms and an intangible sip of soul, Unique 3 has been on the razor’s edge of dance music since its’ inception. And there is a worrying selection of scars to prove it.”

Forever etched into Warehouse legend with the pioneering of ‘Bleep House’, Unique 3 was instrumental in evolving House Music beyond its roots in Soul and Disco and into a futuristic soundscape that drove the progressions of Dance Music as we know it, setting the standard and the headspace for a staggering number of records that followed. Unique 3 has been cited by such luminaries as The Chemical Brothers, Coldcut, Goldie & LFO as inspiration.

Unique 3’s ground breaking early UK Hip-Hop bridged the gap from the US-style into a vibrant new sound that was to change music forever. ‘Activity’ by Unique 3 was arguably the first dance track to sample the infamous AMEN break, and layered with a second break, it is easily recognisable as the “go-to” breakbeat that went on to become the staple drum sample for foundation producers of ‘Jungle’ then’ Drum & Bass’.

The inclusion of Unique 3’s ‘The Theme’ on both The Chemical Brothers’ album of tracks that inspired them to make music (Brothers Gonna Work It Out) & on Warp Records’ collection of early House tracks that inspired them to set up their world-famous label (an album aptly titled ‘Inspirations’ and later their download site named after Unique 3’s sound “BLEEP”) stands as a testament to this. – source: Virgin/10 Records Press Department

Edzy was recently reminded of Unique 3’s iconic status in the history of dance music when ‘The Theme’ was voted the number 1 track played at The Hacienda in the ’90s by the Deejays that played there. The fact that any of them can remember anything is a testament to the hypnotic power of the Bleep.

Edzy (Unique3)

Sure Sounds Radio - Edzy (Unique3)

Craig Kirkham

Sure Sounds Radio - Craig Kirkham

A DJ/producer/promoter hailing from Blackburn, Lancashire Craig has been spinning multi-genre sets since the early 00’s. Starting out on the free party scene round the North-West before going on to start putting on his own nights, Craig has been tearing up dancefloors whether playing house, breaks, techno, electro, dubstep or hip hop.

Craig has had shows on multiple radio stations including and is currently resident DJ for electronic music night Sessions, which has recently hosted Mr C and Krysko and also runs hip hop night Beats, Rhymes-Life with performances from the likes of Lunar C. Craig also releases lo-fi hip hop and experimental sounds.

I mix music for the enthusiast’s, the followers, for those that know the difference between listening and experiencing the real story!

In my shows I aim to deliver what has been forgotten in the last 3 decades of music, the sound, the soul, the journey!!!

I started collecting Electro records at the age of 10, in 1981, from Cavern Records on Walthamstow high street. My main styles are Electro, Acid House / House, Techno, Trance, Hardcore / Rave, Garage & Jungle.

My Roots stem back to when I bought my first set of Memorex decks in 1988 then swapped them out for Technics 1210 MK2’s in 2003. Since then I’ve played various venues including:


  • Flacks Oscars: Twice headline support DJ at Oscars, Clacton Pier 1989 – Techno
  • Quest FM: Weekly show on Quest FM 98.15 from 91 – 92
  • Main Event: Bagleys, King Cross, London 91 – 92
  • Flacks Night Club: Resident DJ, Essex, 92 – 94
  • Resident DJ: Essex’s renowned bar, Lennnons for 8yrs from 2002 – 2010
  • BNB London Radio: Resident DJ 2016 – 2017
  • Fantasy FM: Feature Show 2021 – 22
  • SSR Sure Sounds Radio: 2023 – Onwards

Mr Miller

Sure Sounds Radio - Mr Miller

DJ Ray Love

Sure Sounds Radio - DJ Ray Love

International Coast 2 Coast legendary Music selector playing multi genre cool vibes, from Rock Steady to Billy Holiday and Rub a Dub vibes, alongside some special guests.

A True pioneer of the early sounds of Electro and hip hop. Guaranteed to make you feel loved ..